That moment when you're with two people making out and you're alone watching them or standing next to the couple we say you're holding a candles 5candles to be exact because you're shining a light for the kissing couple. Word of advice, move away, you look like an idiot. So don't go with your sister and her boyfriend to the movies.
Going to dinner with your brother and his girlfriend and they start kissing and you're left one man you'd be holding candles
by 69bars November 11, 2012
Top Definition
To be like a third wheel when you're with a couple. They're getting all lovey and you're standing there "Holding candle"
"Ridha and Raeesa were making out, and it was so awkward. I was just like standing there, holding candle."

You can come with Mojo and I, but you'd just be holding candle...
by Paysip June 10, 2011
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