a saying usedvwhen shits about to go down. pronounced:

(ho my dick)
guy 1:dude, u gonna jump?
guy 2: yep.
guy1: i dunno man...seems sketchy
guy2 : hey..hey erik?
guy1: what?
guy2: hold my dick *jump*
by 'bouttogodown March 23, 2011
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A term used when someone does something seemingly impossible or just plain awesome. The witnesses should then proceed to hold the persons dick.
Just smoked a bowl during my graduation ceremony!.....HOLD MY DICK!!!!
by Hoss_Meat June 02, 2011
an experssion used to experss when shit hits the fan or goes wrong
Hold my Dick dude my mom is coming home and my house is trashed
by lazyboy5000 April 03, 2010
similar to suck my dick in that it is used as an insult. Mainly used to express discontent towards another. Correct usage includes an extended pronunciation of 'hold'
Teacher: "Ok children, do the worksheet I gave you"

Disgruntled Student: "Hold my dick."
by The Sensation of YHS June 27, 2011

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