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literally from hawianese, meaning "star".
also, original form of the word haiku, then some bastard left out the i or something. and changed it. with an o.
also, pop singer from hawaiii.

some people are named hoku. no two people are not on fire. or named hoku.
by mr0w1 October 26, 2003
A wack rhyme written to a female by a male for the purpose of wooing said ho.
When I'm alone in my room
sometimes I stare at the wall
and in the back of my mind I hear my concious call
telling me i need a girl who's as sweet as a dove
for the first time in my life I see I need love
this is a hoku
(from "I need love" by LLCool J)
by chazmatz November 03, 2006
One who smokes too much weed and can never score with the girlies.
That guy hasn't been laid in a while and is so dumb that he is now a Hoku.
by Pyoob June 02, 2003
What ever you want it to be. *muah*
"What's hoku?"
"Whatever you want it to be." *muah*
by general mills March 09, 2005

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