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Often used in casual converversation to mean masturbation (for men).
I had a bit of a Hokey Cokey last night, know what I mean?
by I.P. Freely November 23, 2003
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A term often used as a signing off marker at the end of a conversation between the richer pedegree of society.

Usually its said sub consciously rather than planned with noticeable joyus audio tones. Rarely will you hear the 'hokey cokey' in a sad / angry manner

button down collared shirts, and bold coloured tie's help distinguish this type of character
raaather! squire, we shall forward to the dining room at once to sample each others tipples. I shall arrange simpson to pick you up within the hour

'Hokey cokey'

*end of conversation*
by Boyzee July 30, 2004
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