An alternative word used in situations where you have been asked to repeat a long explanation you have previously stated.
John: "So, you see, Reginald, that the square of the left side of the isosceles triangle is always equal to the current length of a certain someones facial hair."

Reg: "What'd you say?"

John: "I said hoi."
by timmysbestfriend March 02, 2004
Top Definition
A word used in duplicate by Captain Beefheart at the start of the song "When Big Joan Sets Up" signalling that 5 minutes and 13 seconds of chaos remains.
Captain Beefheart: "Hoi hoi!"
by Kraut Mask Replica August 27, 2008
Hoi is another, more energetic way of saying hi or hello. This saying was popularised by Undertale.
Person One: Hoi!
Person Two: Hello to you too.
by SirLovesPikachu July 17, 2016
It is a way of saying "hi" or "hello" but it is much better then both of those words put together. Its "hoi". You can also change the word "bye" into "boi" when you are leaving the conversation. This can be used on facebook or in real life. it cannot be used to replace the word "high", only "hi" and "hello".
Matt: hoi
James: hoi
Matt: wuts good
James: nothing much
Matt: ok boi
James: boi
by matthewsy123 June 17, 2011
When something goes wrong for you or when you have no luck
I have lost my wallet....Hoi!

Bouncer: " Your not allowed in the club tonight"
Dwayne: "Hoi!"

Bookies: "Sorry sir you lost your bet"
Dwayne: "Hoi!"
by UrbanDict11 July 30, 2011
A hoi is an person of Hawaiian decent who lives in the state of Hawai'i that smokes weed, drinks alcohol, parties hard, and has the respect of everyone.

Hoi is another form of bro, braddah, sistah, friend, etc.
Pono: dude i got blasted last period

Sah: that's such a hoi thing to do
by FrankieDawg August 29, 2011
Hello, hi. a greeting.
"Hoi, what's up?"
by ashmee March 29, 2004
Word used as "Hi" or "Hey" in Filipino
(someones walking)


"huh? what me?"

by AzN NateZess May 29, 2005
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