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A person or creature that eats with little regard for others desire to eat the same tasty treat. Also, to eat way more than one should.
Snootch is a hoglet for eating all the Lindt chocolate balls!
by Rich Connor March 04, 2003
A baby hedgehog.
Hoglets love to cuddle with their mom.
by VQqqq March 21, 2011
A young wild (feral) hog
My dog Stinky ran down a hoglet in an open field and then had a tasty treat.
by Chilley June 02, 2011
A hoglet is the unfortunate result of hoging with your frat buddies and the nasty hoe pops out a baby 9 months later.
That Chi O slut stopped by with the hoglet and picked up her child support.
by Mr Hoggin May 08, 2006