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A female attending Hofstra University that is known for wearing short mini-skirts, Ughh boots, small tops and too much make up any time of the day or year. Hofstra Girls usually are anorexically thin but become so thin by use of cocaine. They are prone to sleeping around and nailing most anyone. From Thursday to Sunday night (and most week nights too) they can be found at one of the local bars such as McCeeb's, Bogart's, or the Dizzy Lizard geting wasted so that they the will sleep with anyone. They usually carry hofstra red so use of a condom while scoring this easy easy lay is recommended.
"What's wrong with that girl over there? She looks so sickly, why doesn't she put on less slutty clothes? ... Oh she's a Hofstra Girl? Nevermind then, ugh."
by BooUrns28 March 30, 2005
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