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Can refer to a slutty/non-slutty friend, who often leaves others/friends in the lurch.
1. Omg. This is the third time that he has left us hanging! Such a hoester.

2. At school, they call him -name eg Darren Hoester, he could never be relied upon to come to parties!
by cplnah August 20, 2011
Someone Who Posts Their Whole Life On Facebook, Particularly With 12 Or More Posts Per Hour.
Alex is such a Hoester That She posted, a breakup, a makeup, a pregnancy scare, a bitchy complaint about men in general, a political endorsement, her period calendar, her new love, her old love, her new new love, her class schedule, a list of her fears, turn-ons, turn-offs, groceries, and things to do before she dies, a chili recipe, her favorite Taco Bell Menu Items, weird pictures of her baby niece hugging a dog, a link to a site that tells you what your name would be if you were in Harry Potter, and some weird note about how best friends hurt you the most, all in seven minute period.
by Dannywestside October 20, 2012
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