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A word used to describe a fatass motherfucking cunty ugly bitch that wants your balls in a jar on her desk.
" That bitch is a fuckin Hoesbeast"
by Justin November 24, 2004
The insult upon insults for all females. Used to describe the most frustrating, obnoxious, life-assaulting trollbitch you know, who gets in the way of anything bringing joy to anyone. A fun-sucker. They may also be obscenely ugly, flabby, and reek of cust in its most grotesque and primitive form. Use this word sparingly, and only to describe the bitchiest of life-rapers.
Tracy: Hey, where were you last night? You missed prom!

Jackie: Sorry, I tried to make it but my mom spewed ignorance all over my life and chased my date away from the house then set my dress aflame with her troll powers. Ughh.

Tracy: Well, damn... What a hoesbeast!
by bahalaugh October 16, 2011
An extremely slutty or easy girl that jumps from man to man to feel important and wanted when in reality is just a hoe that cant shut her legs.
"Just because i've been so freaky with you doesn't make me a some sort of Hoe's Beast."
by MissSmith January 04, 2012
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