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When a male is walking with his female partner(girlfriend, wife, prostitute, etc) and his arm is draped across the back of her neck and over the shoulder, giving that hand the freedom to chunk deuces, gang signs, or any other obvious sign, thus still showing love for his girl and never losing swagger.
I saw a man and a women walking down the street. At first I thought they were friends, but then I noticed his arm around her, and his hanging hand in constant motion to every brother who walked by. I then realized they were locked in a hoe hug.
by a_dirty_panda November 18, 2010
n. a type of hug typically used only by hoes. This embrace is when two girls (both probably hoes) hug each other using only their boobs and wrists, butt in the air, probably leaning in and smiling at a camera. Regular non-hoes may accidentally do this if they have a drink in their hand. but otherwise, it is completley unnecessary.
I was looking at Jasmine's pictures on facebook earlier. You will not belive how many pictures were of her hoe hugging!
by camiboo January 12, 2011
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