a slang term for a third country nationals in the middle east. see tcn

plural hodgey(s)
Where are those hodgeys have shit detail now.
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
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When someone unexpectedly kisses another person usually in an aggressive manner. Typically preformed by a girl kissing a guy. A form of blitz or attack kiss.
Kresta gave a defenseless Phill a hodgey on the lips!
by dreamy cookies January 12, 2012
A man who thinks he is a soccer god, but in fact would be better competing in an international 'look like a beef taco and lover of all rusty walruses' competition.

Usually a man who also goes by Hodge, Hodgey, Hodgo, Hodgy, Hedgehodgy, Muppet, Burns Victim and Prawn Face.
Player 1: "Hodgey... cross the ball back post!"
*Hodgey tries his trick sticks*
Player 2: "Hodgo, fkn pass the ball ya Muppet!"
*Hodgey holds up the play*
"Player 3: "Hodge you prawn face burns victim, pass the ball before I deck ya cunt"
*Hodgey take a 50yd shot and hits a baby on the sideline*
by HodgeyFan April 08, 2013

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