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The act of a guy who is terrible with girls takes a picture with 2 or more hot girls to make him appear that he is cooler than he actually is.
Neal: Dude did you see that picture with Justin?

Jeremy: The one with him and all the girls?

Neal: Yea, dude must be a baller.!

Jeremy: Na, he just had a Hodak Moment to try to be cool
by simpsonstyle819 August 09, 2010

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A hodak moment is a rare, one-time moment that is captured with a photo of ladies have a picture together thinking they are tha bomb pouting their lips and posing like hookers.
Guy #1: Dude, check out them broads gathered together for the camera.

Guy #2: I know bro. That's a textbook hodak moment there.
by Jack Spliff June 06, 2010
the perfect time for a picture with only the girls
We all passed out on the bed last night. It was such a hodak moment.
by superphatgurl June 07, 2010