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Some sign at the Taco Del-Mar in Seattle on 4th Avenue says "No Ho-Dads", and has a picture of some geeky looking dude. I guess it means no Man-Whores.
Deuce Bigalow is a "Ho-Dad".
by Gianni O April 06, 2006
5 29
Someone who clings to a mass marketed subculture that he or she believes to be edgy and dangerous.
The White Stripes record release party was attended by shiftless hodads.
by Ten Thousand August 19, 2008
28 65
A hoedad is a tool used to plant trees, and was adopted as the name of a collective group of tree planters based in Eugene, Oregon and who became influential in the West Coast counterculture.
I used to be a memeber of the hoedads, then I toured with a rock band, until I got my PhD in anthropology and two kids and a mortgage.
by Doug February 22, 2004
29 69
Generic term for a wannabe. At one time, it had something to do with surfers, but no more.
The world loves (hodad)s, do that brand new thing!
by danq58 January 14, 2008
25 67
A good surfer,a seasoned surfer thats considered good at surfing. hodads were good and gremys (short for gremlins)were beginers.
That dude that droped in was one bad hodad.
by 1badhodad September 15, 2005
0 60
A Hodad is an older surfer, who most often rides a longboard and is able to get onto waves before the shortboards, but because the hodad is riding a longboard, he is unable to shred the vave the way a shortboarder would be able to do. The opposite of a gremmie, a younger surfer that rides a short board but who drops in on you everytime.
In the movie "Ride the Wild Surf" the song "Secret Surf Spot":

"My secret surf spot, where nobody knows
The Gremmies and the Hodads never go"
by Dr Eagle Sperm-Cannon, LSD June 06, 2007
3 64
A hodad is when your father has a sex change and becomes a prostitute.
Hey, look! Isn't that Jimmy's hodad over on the corner?
by sprude July 17, 2006
18 84