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Someone throwing up a gang sign to a gang they don't belong to; false claiming
Man, I got jumped yesterday, because this gang thought I was Hockin' G's, when really I was just trying to give my friend a high five and he wasn't paying attention.
by BENAMORATO March 11, 2009
To push the testicles into the mouth; usually accompanied by slapping of the penis across the face.
"I'm gonna hock my balls in your mouth and slap my cock on your face" ... "Yeah shut up mate and eat your curry, you hocking twat".
by JoelRomance April 23, 2007
A fairly new suburb north of Perth (WA) inhabbited by young couples and little kids. They generally have a pet of some kind and participate in many community events.
"Where did Barry and Shella get to after the honeymoon last year"
"They moved to Hocking, expecting a little one"
by Emilouh February 15, 2012
A wealthy Cornish name- originally from Indian Queens. A leader who helps the poor and sick, but fights for equality.
King Hocking who gave Pocahontas a place of shelter in her time of need. An example of love and humanity amoungst the Cornish people.
by Dictionary fairy November 01, 2011
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