hottest kind of person out there. hands down. hockey players have sick flow and pay the price for a good performance.
I want a hockey player in bed.
by thegod March 13, 2008
Real men. Everyone else likes to play with balls.
Did you see Jordan staal score that goal, what a hockey player.

No I was to busy watching Nate McLouth play with balls.
by Kayewtie June 04, 2009
Hockey players are the coolest fucking people alive. They take incredible amounts of pain just to win the game. They will fight through anything and they never get scared. A 6 feet tall hockey player is tough enough to fight a 7 feet tall hockey player. Hockey players never back down.They are also very good in bed because they have a strong core, which helps while having sex.
Those hockey players are good in bed.
by Ebor13 May 06, 2010
Those who play the sport of hockey.
Eric Lindros and Paul Kariya are hockey players.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
A Canadian sport that in high school determines your popularity. The higher the level, the more popular they are.
Cody: Triple A hockey players right here

Bob: Guess your pretty popular then, eh?
by lifeincanada January 29, 2014
extreme coke user, snorts it all day long...
'24 hours of snorting' shit man, im a total hockey player now! 'nose falls off'
by anthony p November 02, 2004
A person with very poor skating skills who decides to try to whack a puck into a net on the ice while acting like a big shot. This person doesn't appreciate the fine art of figure skating, yet they spend any time off the ice at the arena looking at the butts of figure skaters.
Look at those pansies ridin' the ice like they're some sort of big shots. Bet they can't even stop on ice like us All Mighty Hockey Players. *CRASH*
by KCC Randomosity December 29, 2008
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