A homeless man who's a total bro.
"Dude. that homeless man just smoked me out"
"Hell yeah, He's a total Hobro."
by divinitamarie May 02, 2014
A homeless prostitute who also is your bro and hangs with the guys. Also can be your fuckbuddy. Or casual encounter
"We should go downtown and have a couple drinks tonight"

"Dude! You should bring your hobro!"

bro hobo hoe hoebro prostitute
by Owitburns May 18, 2013
1. A hobro is a girl (slang: ho) who is so awesome she's become one of your best bros, despite being a female. Thus, she is a hobro.

2. The occasional pseudonym of a certain female gamer.
Guy 1: That Jessica girl is kind of cool.
Guy 2: No way, she's cooler than cool, she's my hobro, man!
by TheJesster February 09, 2011
a females best friend that is a man
we are hobro/broho, not boyfriend/girlfriend
by slayer999 August 03, 2009
A name used when a close friend, or "bro", does something that you don't like.
"Yo why are you going out with my girlfriend you hobro?"
by shibby April 02, 2003
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