a person who does not believe in the saying "bros before hoes" and Ho-Bro] is a short, and witty (and stoner) way to call someone who doesn't go by this saying.

*special note* the antonym of the word Bro-Ho
ex.1) that guy's a total ho-bro!! he'll bail out on the bros to hump anything that breathes!!
by Nightmare135 August 03, 2009
Top Definition
A homeless bro.
Dude check out that hobro reppin his team with his dope lax penny
by Buttsack123421 June 29, 2011
Basically like a girl that's one of your bros.
ho bro.
A girl that's chill and can hang out like one of the guys.
Man: Hey hobro whats goin on? You wanna throw down for another 30 case, we already got one for tonight.

Girl: Yeah heres a 5. You sure you wanna lose at beer pong that much?
by KyleBirch. June 17, 2009
Two complete strangers that are aware of one anothers existence that share and swap the same girl back and forth because thats just the way she is.
We cant be mad at each other over her, we're ho bro's. It aint no fun if the homies cant get none.
by BoxBandit104 April 18, 2009
n. a homosexual male who is also a bro
Chad over there, with the Natty Light and frosted tips, is such a hobro.
by C Topaz May 10, 2010
a friend who has no house or apartment and so sleeps at friends places for an indefinite period of time
john's girlfriend kicked him out last month since then he's been hobroing at mikes, carl and jeffs.
by fist fingers April 02, 2010
A small city in Denmark. A bit over 10000 people lives there. Not very many ho bros there.
Hello I'm from Hobro. It's a small city in Denmark.
by FS CO JIM December 30, 2010
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