A person who consents to engage in Sexual Intercourse primarily for the sake of obtaining a hobo necessity, including:
1. A place to sleep for the night
2. Alcohol
3. Harder Alcohol
*This does not include money, because such action falls under the definition of Hooker*
Steve: "Wanna crash at my house tonight?"
Travis: "No, I think im going to be Hobosexual and spend the night with Tina"

Travis: "Damn it Jake, we are such Hobosexuals!"
Jake: "No, i get showers out of mine"
by Noctum October 08, 2007
Men who date homeless women thinking they will have easy love for giving them food and shelter. The women usually leave the relationship when they find the man is flaky.
<friend1> Why is your your brother always dating those scummy women?
<friend2> He's a hobosexual.
by Mark Shackelford May 24, 2007
A man or woman who possesses such loose standards that he or she will take even the dirtiest, most parasite-ridden fleabag home for the night.
"Did you see who Wendy picked up off the dance floor? I wouldn't even touch that with fireplace tongs."
"Are you kidding? He's exactly her type. She's a complete hobosexual."
by H.P.Liferaft October 01, 2006
1. When you kill a homeless person, then eat holes in it's dead body, then having sex with them.

2. to get turned on by people without homes, wether it be the arousing smell, or the fine taste in clothing.
"I invited this hobo over to my house last night. We had sex. I think im a hobosexual."
by Jack Hoff September 15, 2003
One who is straight but otherwise has sexual intercourse with same-sex hobos.
Cody loves girls. (Cody: Yay girls! I like to sex them!) One day Cody meets a charming hobo man. (Cody: Yay hobo! I like to sex him!)<3 Cody is now a hobosexual. <3 The end.
by A. Kitchen Utensil November 07, 2006
A person who\'s sexual preference is towards Hobo\'s or someone that lives in the Tantobie ghetto.
Andy: \"Yo fool\"
Seaward(Hobo): \"Yo\"
Andy: \"Up for it?\"
Seaward(Hobo): \"Damn right\"
Andy: \"Woohoo\"
Seaward: \"Wait a minute I ain\'t Hobosexual im Hamsexual\"
by Andrew Hardman April 10, 2006
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