Someone with a fetish for hobos of the same sex.
Often used as an insult.
Mark: Dude, some being such a hobosexual!
Dave: How many times do I have to tell you, I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANY HOBOS!!!
Hobo: Errruuugh, I'm-a hobo. ♥
by Sara Saturday September 13, 2008
Like "homohsexual". When one loves homeless people, especially hobos. Being sexually attracted to hobos.
Did you hear Destinee has a new boyfriend she found in the streets? Yes, she is a hobosexual, my friend.
by Balrog August 17, 2004
1. A regular person (or hobo) who fraternizes in a manner of sexual varity, with a (another) hobo
"Ren sad sweet hobosexual secks with teh HomoGoat"
"Ren" and "HomoGoat" are both hobos, and are therefore acting in a hobosexual manner.
by HawkEye July 25, 2003
Someone that likes to get sexual with hobos. This event usually takes place in the hobo's house. (AKA a cardboard box.)
1. Lindsay K is a total hobosexual.
2. That guy looks like a total hobosexual!
by Hobobobo January 15, 2008
When one is sexually attracted to homeless men and/or women. A word made up entirely by a sixteen year old girl named Molly, who is, herself, a hobosexual.
You: Heeeey, man, I seen a hobo lyin' on the streets yesterday, gettin' banged by some nasty lookin' chick.
Me: Yeah, that was me.
You: Ew, why'd you fuck a hobo?
Me: Duh, I'm hobosexual.
by Maiqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm February 25, 2008
a person who gets turned on by hobo's and anything to do with them.
Hobo-Joe-Bo seems to be a big hit with the hobosexual ladies lately...Hottt Stufff!!
by CloudsOfChlamydia May 31, 2007
Sex in a dumpster.

One who prefers masturbation to acutal intercourse.

Enjoying coke bottle sex/ masturbation with garbage objects.
the stately gentleman in the seven coats and grocery cart.
by Macadaciouse June 10, 2004

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