Adjective; to be attracted to or wanting to have sexual liasons with a hobo or drifter
My, thats a nie big issue you have there, I'm a HOBOSEXUAL you know
by Grufty Pete October 02, 2003
were you can't afford a real hooker, and are no good looking enough to get people willingly, so you have sex with random hobo's for spare change, or somtimes food
Stephanie: He's so nasty, how does he ever get laid?
Meagan: He's a hobosexual.
by Mea.gan December 09, 2007
a male who takes an interest in his clothing but shops almost exculsively for second hand clothing at thrift and vintage stores.

a retro metrosexual
scenesters in ohio
by hillary December 23, 2003
(n.) one that is only attracted to hobos.
Dude, I'm a hobosexual. Nothing turns me on like a nice raggity homeless person.
by Jordan G. January 18, 2008
One who becomes only aroused by the presence of a hobo. Can be either a woman or man, but can only be sexually attracted to a Hobo. Even if the Hobo is one dirty motherfucker, is missing a leg, and has scabies, a Hobosexual will still become aroused.
"Hey, Jim just came out of the trash can."
"You mean he's a Hobosexual now?"
"Yes, what a fucking weirdo"
by Brad Pitt August 14, 2006
1) A person that engages in hobosex.
2) A hobo having sex.
1) Me and gregory were being hobosexual last night.
2) You're so hobosexual.
by EMRAT February 18, 2003
an insult. or a hobo hoo likes to fuck another hobo. See: team swain
"kim, ur such a hobosexual!"
"i dont like fuck to fuck hobos!"
"no, ur just, a hobosexual! tahts all"
by cassie August 28, 2003
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