When a bummy ass homosexual 49er or Buffalo Bill fan thinks there team has a chance in hell of being a contender.
Some exhibit trouble spelling the word "yes" and other easy words. All of them would back down when asked to make a wager against an elite team.
"Hey J-yes, lets make a loser leaves bet on the 9er game"

J-yes: "Nah man, my puzzy is irritated. Let me divert attention to something else"

"Man, why you gotta be a Hobosexual about this? Take the bet or stfu"
by Retta S November 22, 2011
It means i fill a tennis ball tube with cigarette butts and dirty pennies i find on the sidewalk and then i put my peepee in it
I was really hobosexual last saturday after the school dance.
by Hobo Mania September 06, 2011
a hobo who does things on the side of the road (fucks road kill)
I just found a dead possum on the road, and "played" with it, so you can say I'm a hobo sexual.
by alyssarainr December 28, 2008
1. A term applied usually to women, saying that they are attracted to people that have money problems, constantly make mistakes, or are just plain ugly.
2. Being attracted to homeless or jobless people
Gurl: OMG, He's, like, SO hawt!

D00D: He's living in a cardboard box, eating beans he found out of the trash can...

Gurl: Thats why i luv him!

by GrahamCRACKUH April 03, 2010
a man that is attracted to male homeless men
Raul- wow isn't that man under the bridge so hott!!
Spence- you're such a hobosexual
by 345672i47y499nf9 October 24, 2009
some one who thinks hobo's are sexy
girl 1: "omg look at that sexy hobo over there!"

girl 2:"your such a hobosexual"
by Cathy Bell October 18, 2009
Having sexual attraction to homeless men or women, or just towards people of poor hygiene, or even towards those with a lack of a home.
You are such a hobosexual. That guy you're dating doesn't even have a job or a home and he is probably from the band ZZTop.
by Tubelord October 14, 2008

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