a person who doesnt really care about their looks too much at all, they can be noticed mostly by their stink scent, and their long unkept hair and/or beard. they often wear jerusalem cruisers people fitting this description are peter jackson, joe panicacci (you probably dont know him), and michael moore. the first recorded one being john the baptist
yo man you are such a hobosexual with your stank ass smell and thos jerusalem cruisers
by adamBeast308 June 27, 2010
one who consummates the natural attraction all humans feel toward the homeless.
Can you believe those hobosexuals who volunteer down at the soup kitchen? They trade extra scoops of food for sexual favors.

Charlie brought that hobo who holds the door open at Popeye's to his sister's wedding. He's such a hobosexual.
by Doctor Exotik August 07, 2011
A person who is only attracted to homeless men and this attraction distracts him/her from doing the most basic tasks with any skill whatsoever.
1: Hey Hoseph you're such a hobosexual
2: STFU n00b *proceeds to have sex with a hobo*
by raulgomez April 02, 2010
homeless queers, fairy bums,a traveling homo, lazy homo, a gay with no job,a fag on a train
look at that lazy hobosexual panhandling for sex
by fritz wang January 24, 2011
Style that is a cross between hipster (or metrosexual) and hobo. Coined by Cobra Starship lead, Gabe Saporta. Only to be used with permission by Gabe Saporta.
Gabe Saporta coined the term "hobosexual" to describe this new generation's style.
by leaax3 September 25, 2009
Someone who's sexual orientation is only directed at the homeless.
random person: that hobo is so hot
other random person: are you a hobosexual?
by Harold Harkinam September 24, 2009
a homosexual that has low aesthetic sense and could care less about appearance and style, similar to that of a typical heterosexual male. (gay version of metrosexual)
I saw this hobosexual wearing jogging pants at the gay bar last weekend.
by HomoArigato April 24, 2009

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