a person that exclusively dates only the homeless
yeah, he finally came out of the closest and is embracing his hobosexuallity
by LBONUDL January 21, 2011
Someone that has sex with vagabonds, bums, and transients.
"I shouldn't joke about homeless people because I've slept with so many of them. I guess that would make me a 'Hobo Sexual'."
by Mike Corning October 06, 2008
Someone who will engage in intercourse with anyone, regardless of gender, so long as that person will give them shelter near a fire.
I got locked out of the house again by the girlfriend. She probably think she's teaching me a lesson. Jokes on her because I'm hobosexual... All I need now is a schlepping bag or cardboard box to get all up in.
by GG8181 February 09, 2014
Someone who has sexual relations with a hobo.
quit being a hobo sexual
by Wordman on the track March 22, 2010
someone of either gender that is a bum fuck
Save your time, she's a hobo sexual
by bratboi July 09, 2009
The urge to perform sexual intercourse with homeless people.
Kate: Sarah, look! There's a homeless man!

Sarah: I wanna fuck him sooo hard!

Kate: You're such a Hobosexual Sarah...
by DinosaursAreRapists March 23, 2014
The opposite of Metrosexual. A guy with complete lack of style. One who could care less about what he is wearing or what other people think about his appearance. Usually has need for a haircut and shave.
Dude, what is Kramer wearing?
I don't know man, he's a Hobosexual.
by lawsal July 03, 2013

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