A homosexual hodo, or someone gay for a hobo
Jerry: Ehh! those to hobosexuals are haveing butt sex it that Garbage can!
Tom: What a fucking disgrace
by Tom Beotch! December 27, 2006
A person with sexual affinities toward homeless people. At least one regional variation means to prefer sex on a moving freight train.
Derrick's going under the overpass again tonight. He's such a hobosexual.
by Leefy Greans December 31, 2005
A person, usually homeless, who is not necessarily straight or homosexual, just desperate. Not in relation to the song, it was developed after noticing that although no one of a socially 'normal' status would hit on him, the homeless population seemed to love Rabbit. Hobosexuals are basically just desperate for affection.
Hahaha! Did you see that hobosexual hit on Rabbit? I can't believe he took him up on it! What a bellend!
by Smackababy September 03, 2007
one who is homosexually attracted to homeless people.
Popularized in the Druid Pryde song "Hobosexual"
you can find em in the shelters
you can find em in the streets
you can find em in my bedroom
under my sheets

by Jake verb November 27, 2006
To be sexually aroused by homeless people.
Heather you are a hobosexual because you have sex with homeless people.
by LaSporgenza33 December 06, 2002
Worthless bum; thief
Trevor lives on a train, what a hobosexual!
by broke/as/a/joke September 13, 2014

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