Mix of hobo and homo. A gay homeless person.
Look at those two male homeless people making out.
Wow. They are such Hobomos
by bleepychick September 25, 2010
Top Definition
gay hobo...pretty straight foward, eh?
I was chillin with charlie, and this hobomo tried to grab my ass, very unsettling.
by l2enton July 18, 2005
Gay Tramp
"Oh my god did you see that hobomo?"
"Ye he's such a gay tramp!"
by AntONiOSpAiN August 14, 2008
A homeless gay person (a hobo homo). Different from a homobo in that a hobomo is predominately homeless and maybe only somewhat gay. Could switch to women in the future, but will always sleep on park benches.
I wonder if there are any hobos living in those bushes? What if they are gay, like hobomos?
by cletusvanndamme March 11, 2008

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