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Hoboitis: pronounced hobo-eye-tis is the disease of constantly failing at typing and can strike at anytime and you will never know about it

-Created because one day I was dressed in sweat pants and a sweat shirt with my hair up in a bun and was chatting with my best friend and said I looked like a hobo. I continuously failed at typing...and so it this is how it became xD
Person 1: rawwwrs

Person 2: rawr to you too :P what's u

oh goodness up**

Person 1: not much

Person 2: hoboitis...how I hate it
by MiraMoments12 May 30, 2011
1.The naturally occurring condition of acting like a hobo in dress, manner, vocabulary, intellect, etc.

2. A theoretical diesease spreadable from people infected to other people who are not well informed on avoiding the disease.
Tony is acting like such a hoboitis carrier today!
by Tonny Davidson May 25, 2011
common chesse doctor or a rash
Look my swiss cheese has hoboitis
Man this hoboitis is itchy
by LOLHULIOANDPC! July 28, 2009