One of, if not Spider-Man's greatest enemy. He first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #238 (March, 1983). He was co-created by Roger Stern (Writer) and John Romita, Jr. (Artist).

The first Hobgoblin, wealthy socialite Roderick Kingsley, became the Hobgoblin after discovering a secret lair of the Green Goblin and pilfering his hideout. He upgraded the Green Goblin's weapons and paraphanelia for himself and sought to acquire wealth and power. He is currently retired in the Carribean. If the world has truly seen the last of him is unknown at this point. Subsequent Hobgoblins have included Lefty Donovan, Ned Leeds, Flash Thompson, Jason Macendale, and an unknown, mysterious fifth Hobgoblin.
The Hobgoblin is as sane as he is deadly, cold, and cunning.
by conandomega February 07, 2010
Top Definition
One of the finest brews that was ever forged in the Oxfordshire Brewery.
Man that Hobgoblin really hit the spot
by Danzag July 12, 2006
Receiving oral sex while defecating on the side of the highway offramp and simultaneously begging for money by means of a cardboard box with a message of hope written upon it.
Wow, so that's what the hobgoblin looks like.
by wordsmite January 26, 2010
1. noun - A human being that has such extraordinary goblin like qualities that the term 'goblin' alone doesn't do it justice. Hob goblins are just a tad creepier than your basic goblin, they tend to have a little stronger hitch in their getalong, a little stronger smell, etc. There's probably some perfectly natural explanation for the rampant existence of these types- poor nutrition, bad hygeine, and bad breeding in the first place.
"Have you seen that hob-goblin lookin' mother fucker that works at the sports bar? Hopefully he's not the one that makes the popcorn."
by earlsgarage April 26, 2006
A way of expressing you find a member of the opposite sex hideous and utterly repulsive.
Person 1: yo i just hooked up with this girl.
Nick: i feel like she was a real...Hobgoblin...
by t3@mN!ck August 21, 2010
(n.) A derogatory title for a large, dumb, agressive man tanned, often artifically, to a unaturally orange hue. Hobgoblins are often characterised by thier singlemindedness, reckless behavior, hedonistic tendancies, a general lack of concern for others (including fellow Hobgoblins), and egregious orange complexion.

Etymology: The term applied above, in this sense, is borrowed from a fantasy creature in the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. Hobgoblins are savage, cruel humanoids who take by force and are just smart enough to form groups for raiding. The fantasy Hobgoblins are identified by a coat of corse orange hair covering thier oversized bodies.
"I was having a good time at the bar until all the Hobgoblins showed up and started fist-pumping."
by WienerBrigadier August 14, 2010
Probably the worst movie ever made. Even watching it through the hilarious medium of Mystery Science Theater 3000, this movie still enraged me like no other. If not for its obscurity, this film would place its thrice-damned writer/producer/director, Rick Sloane, right up there with Hitler and Pol Pot as a huge cause of human suffering.
Stabbing Rick Sloane to death with a toy screwdriver would not even begin to make up for the abomination that is Hobgoblins.
by kevhanel August 07, 2006
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