Very sexy calves on very long legs.
I wish I had those Hobbies.
Damn! Look at that girls hobbies.
by Arielle Schneider February 22, 2008
Top Definition
A god in his own rights, owns everyone.
IE: Hobbie says ' <3'
by Kelyas March 29, 2003
A male who assumes they are right in all situations, They also think they are "cool" because they sing and play the guitar with fellow twats!
OMG That Boy Thinks Hes Sooooo "Hobbie"!
by Susiee Instone April 29, 2008
An egotistical, bad music-listening to, idiot, who rambles, and never ceases the rambling, NEVER! NEVER!!!!!!
1 r t3h l33tn355!!@!@# 1 r s00 n0t 4 n00b, OMG!1211!!11! LOL!!!!!11!1
by dysphoria November 19, 2003
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