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A small upper-class town in bergen county, new jersey full of rich, white folks with lots of class and keep their money to themselves. The property tax is very high so if you can't afford it then you probably chose Allendale to live in. It's a great place to raise kids and there is a 99% chance they will be decked out in preppy designer clothing. Teens attend Northern Highlands Regional High School which everyone knows is considered to be the "Ritz Carlton of High Schools." Girls get their first designer bags in about 4th grade and have daddy pre order their bmw's and mercedes before they even get their license. HHK people socialize with their equals, a.k.a. saddle river, upper saddle river, and allendale. The dad's take the train to "the city" (manhattan) while the mom's stay at home, raise the kids, and spoil them to death. House parties are better than any club and are flooded with underage drinking but the cops never bust in. The schools have outstanding rating and the high school is home to the prettiest girls on the north east coast. Kids from this high school (northern highlands) can get into any ivy league school with ease, so if you want your kids to have a bright future, please raise them in Ho-Ho-Kus.
Look at that rich bitch, she must be from Ho-Ho-Kus.
by richbitch5683 August 26, 2009
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