Similar to the ever popular kankle, the hnee refers to the section of the leg where a knee once existed but now looks more like a hip. It is often the result of excessive fat from the upper leg/quadriceps hanging below the knee joint and resembling chunky inner thighs that slap together as one walks.
Person 1: "Hey, look at that lady chasing after her baby. She can't even catch a 3 year old!"

Person 2: "I know! Those hnees slapping together must be slowing her down."

Person 1: "If I had hnees like that I'd probably take a butcher knife to them."
by Mr. Nastay June 15, 2011
Top Definition
A word used for several expressions. These include laughing, crying, and taunting.
"Blue waffles turn me on."

"Hnee!" (Taunt)
"Hnee hnee hnee hnee hnee" (Laugh)
"Hne... Hne..." (Cry)
by Rhet! March 25, 2010
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