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Huck My Nuts
Guy 1- Man I would destroy you in COD.
Guy 2- You wish bro. I shred like there's no tomorrow.

Guy 1- Shut up man you wish. I shred as hard as my dick when I'm fuckin your mom.
Guy 2- Fuck you man. Hmn you fag. 1v1 me bro.
by Hiddenfear August 26, 2011
30 19
The sound uttered when one contemplates a particulary pleasant experience, especially on involving mind-blowing sex
"Hey...I think I can sneak away for a few days. We could forget about everything else and spend 3 days in bed. What do ya think?"

by hochullain April 07, 2010
6 4
Holy Monkey Nuts (usually expressed when there is an unexpected occurance)
HMN, that thing is huge!
by Glen Hotchkiss April 03, 2008
18 26