To masturbate while your hand is numb, to give the sensation that someone else is pleasuring you, while driving a vehicle.
On the way home from work last night I grabbed myself a quick hitchhiker
by Ryedawg II September 21, 2009
A hitchhiker is an item that is placed in a geocache, and has instructions to travel to other caches.
Sometimes they have logbooks attached so you can log their travels.
A Travel Bug is an example of a hitchhiker
Placed a hitchhiker in the last cache i found, i sure hope it travels the world!
by outlive December 17, 2006
also see stranger A hitch-hiker is where you make your hand go numb and masturbate. Similar to a stranger but done in a car.
I couldn't wait to get home to give myself a starnger, so I decided to give my self a hitch-hiker.
by Big Mac March 08, 2005
A clingy, highly potent fart, with a sharp tang. The hitchhiker often appears at tense social gatherings and high protocol events, in which farting with discretion is mandatory at all times. One's cover is blown as the farter's poison spreads and clings to clothing and accessories, leaving a comet trail of scent behind or even advancing before the person in question, all but raising a flag of undeniable guilt. Winston Churchill was infamous for his "hitchhikers", and he used them shrewdly and strategically to gain leverage with diplomats and dignitaries. Some clairvoyants and mystics can actually see the fart shape or fart avatar of the hitchhiker as it follows its "host" around the room.

Also known as the ballroom blitz, cushion creeper, and theNatchez Ninja.
"Carter's having trouble ditching that hitchhiker, crikey!"
by mintymime February 05, 2010
n.: (slang) a small nugget of fecal matter attached to the hindquarters of an animal such as a cat or dog; especially common among long-haired species.

syn: dingleberry
"Quick, get Muffins off of the new duvet! He has a hitchhiker on his butt!"
by EmmyFoofoo May 05, 2008
when you fart and it travels uo your crack and pops out the top of the anus or the oppisite direction going up next to your testicles.
wow that fart sounded funny mike was that a hitch hiker oh yeah right next to the nuts.
by kevon December 21, 2002
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