Powerful warrior in greek mythology. One of kind. Very Unique. Priceless.
This diamond is hiren.
by Unknown9 February 16, 2010
Lord Genius: Lord of the Diamonds
Hiren is a powerful warrior in Greek mythology.
by mynameishiren December 13, 2010
An Indian name whose meaning is derived from a closely related word-haran. Haran means deer. A "Hiren" is a quiet, beautiful, graceful human being that can swoon anyone with a mere glance and skip up and down hills very fast.
That Hiren is something else, I just can't get enough of him.
by Chandrakant Laloopi August 29, 2007
1) To be ultra angry. So angry in fact that your anger could power a city. 2) A hacker/cheater in video games. Screen peeks alot. 3) Can also spread kindness and cheer and can be a great friend no matter how angry or how much cheating he is doing
1) Why are you such a Hiren! Calm down! 2) Quite being a Hiren and stop hacking! 3) You're such a great Hiren :)
by Macmon33 October 01, 2011

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