A kick ass kid that can do anything. Essentially a combination of Chuck Norris+Einstein+spaghetti cat+ Samuel Jackson(bad motherfucker) times 1000. This person is usualy either a Leo, pisces, or Scorpio. Can do anything you can do, twice as good. And kick ass at at least one instrument, speaks 2+ languages, and can destroy anything and build it better than what it was.
Hiram could rip out Justin bieber's heart, shove it back down his throat, then everyone will like him and he won't sound like a four year old.
by ZioThr33 April 08, 2011
Top Definition
A young stud with a big enough package to fill up like 15 girl's mouths.
"Hiram, that was GREAT!"
by Mary-Jane May 22, 2004
a small private college in northern ohio.
hiram is a great school
by kg4 April 20, 2004
Street for bald.
Friend 1: wow he has like no hair.

friend 2: what is he? a hiram?
by Namfoodle September 28, 2013
a young buck living in methuen MA, has a small pee pee but a big heart. Likes dogs and eats chicken
i love hiram
by k-ice August 18, 2003
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