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A cross between a hippy and a gypsy. Having the qualities of both, but pertaining to neither in particular.

A hipsy is typically someone who wants to party, attend festivals regularly, and travel constantly.

A hipsy is cool, trendy and always with the times.

A variation on the word hip also, suggesting that it's hip to be a hipsy.
If we were all hipsys the world would be a far better place.
by ukbuckstop December 19, 2010
When you are high and tipsy at the same time.
Bro, I had too much to drink today! I also just had a joint. I feel so hipsy right now!
by NawarNayeem May 09, 2016
A hippie hipster. Typically characterized by their blissed out demeanor, kaleidoscopic but relatively well kempt dress, and vague crunchy, organic overtones.

This marginal population is found in high concentrations in Northern California and other large cities on the West Coast.

plural: hipsies
Look at this fucking ridiculous hipsy. Hipsies are such blaze cadets.
by Ski In Space Out December 12, 2010
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