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A word whose origins come from the hit television sitcom "Seinfeld". One of the recurring characters, Cosmo Kramer, had been called this (as far as I know, on more than one occasion).

I assume it's supposed to be an insult, referring to the person as someone who thinks they're cool, yet is (according to the insulter) quite the opposite.
"Am I a hipster dufus, Jerry?"
by Asura October 26, 2004
From the tv show Seinfeld. Hipsterdus=Kramer. Someone who is cool, enjoying life, and hip but also a little aloof and out of synch. Kramer is the quintessential hipsterdufus.
Jughead from the Archie comics might be considered a hipsterdufus.

Also that bongo playing guy on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
by Lady M June 25, 2004
Someone who is hip in their own mind but a dufus in the view of mainstream society.
Kramer always thought he was trendy and everyone else thought he was weird.
by Mike S. August 13, 2004
Person spending loads of cash on Clothes to better an image, only to open his mouth and reveal that he is an idiot
by Swinkster March 06, 2003
A fake hipster, who has fallen behind in trends. A Hipsterdufus would be seen still listening to The Strokes in the latter half of 2001.
by The Captain March 12, 2003
An extremely clumsy individual with a horse face, ridiculous high hair and tendancy to come up with alot of ridiculous ideas and schemes.
Hey Jerry, that Kramer is a real Hipster Dufus
by Pratab March 30, 2008
Someone who acts like they're into really "geeky" stuff because they think it's ironic that someone as "cool" as them would be not just a fan of it, but really into it.
At Wonder-Con, I bumped into this hipster dufus who was bragging about his band and how much he knows about the X-Men
by Nightwing83 July 10, 2008
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