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Non-conformists who support liberal ideals such as peace, civil rights, environmental awareness, government transparency, consumer protections, justice, and awareness about corporate and political corruption. Besides being largely a group of activists, they tend to represent and be comprised of common, working class people, artists, educators and philosophers who feel that their activism is an important civic duty, which is every citizen's responsibility to do. During the 1960s and 70s, they were associated with such things as far out music that had meaning and soul, tie-dye, flowers (the term "flower child"), laid back attitudes (in order to offset their strong sense of responsibility,) pot smoking (but not all hippies liked or used it,) long hair as an expression of non-conformity, and as a statement against conventionalism, and blind/thoughtless adherence to to arbitrary rules and societal norms, and yes.... a badass friggin guitarist- with enormous friggin balls who revolutionalized the electric guitar- by the name of Jimi Hendrix. (✿◠‿◠)✌☮

Some accomplishments of the hippie movement of the '60s and '70s:

-Advanced women's rights
-Upheld consumer protections
-Raised environmental awareness
-Promoted racial diversity
-Improved government transparency (at least temporarily)
-Raised awareness about corporate corruption
-Pushed forward many laws regarding poverty
-Helped end the Veitnam War
-Furthered the cause of peace
-Produced a WHOLE lot of groovy music
"She felt flattered when mean-spirited conservatives would call her a hippie as if it was some kind of insult, and thought to herself, 'well then I must be doing something right.'" (✿◠‿◠)✌☮
by SugarPower June 29, 2014
n. A smelly prototypical raver who makes the rest of America's liberals look really, really bad by inappropriate association.
Much like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, you'll a know a hippie when you see it.
by mw2 March 03, 2013
What your parents were when they could fit into tight bellbottoms and tie-die shirts.
Kid: Mom, why does it look like your a rainbow in this picture?
Mom: *grabs book* That, Billy, is a hippie.
Kid: My freind Jake says that all hippies are dirty, pot smoking whorebags, but I don't think so.
Mom:...You go tell Jake that his mom was one.
by Manical to the Hippie February 17, 2008
A type of person beginning in the late 1960's that moved to abolish stereotypes altogether, but eventually becomming one themselves. Often looked down upon, for frivilous drug use, though that is in itself a sterotype. Hippies generally believed in peace, love, anti-war, and standing up for beliefs. Strongly consisting of the younger generation, they surprised the world with their non-conformist beliefs and not backing down. They showed the earth that some DO care, and they protested, marched, dressed, spoke, ect. to show that they stood up for their beliefs.
I am a hippie. I believe in ultimate sharing of love, peace, and the general good of environment. But I will bash your face in if you dare insult the way I think.
by Tessalily October 06, 2005
An overgrown child who may occasionally abuse drugs and alcohol to cope with their impossible ideals in the modern world. Often they are the spawn of wealth and they choose to distance themselves from the paths of their parents in a pathetic attempt to feel "unique." Sometimes going so far as to change their names to something like Asia, Sky, Kukka, Sunray or Zennia. While this person is not a total fuck up (which would be okay because there is likely a trust fund safety net in place), this person has a tendency live life extremely carelessly. The only exception to this sense of carelessness is if they are over-angered by environmental policy, animal rights or George Bush. Which probably is just a scapegoat for how much they hate their rich parents. The resulting lifestyle may include any number of characteristics such as: mind numbing and god awful dancing along with a serious passion for meaningless jam bands that feature endless meandering guitar solos. A loss of interest in maintaining personal hygiene. A terrible lower back tattoo almost always involving a flower, fairy, butterfly or tribal nonsense. Exceptionally long hair everywhere (especially in undesirable regions of the body). Hair is often matted, ratted, oily or in unequal clumps of dreds.
Our couch smells like piss, shit and incense. Did Jazzerus sleep over last night? I'm pretty sure I saw him jump in his Audi and drive off early this morning. Jesus Christ that fucking hippie is confused.
by Jock Donny January 29, 2009
A person whom beleives in love and world peace.

-They DO take bathes.
-Not all of them smoke pot.
-There NOT stupid.
-There not all high school dropouts.
-They don't always wear tie-dye.
-The don't saythings like "Dudeee~" or "Mannn~" they talk normaly.
-There really smart people.
-They're so much fun to be around.

Never beleive that steriotype Hippies are real Hippies

My mother is a Hippie, she loves music. She has even gone to several Woodstock shows. When I was born she wanted me to be a "Child of Nature." so she named me Natalie (After her) Miranda (The name of a moon) Echo-Rainbow *instert last name here* (this is a true stary)
by Lady Indago February 17, 2008
Modern day hippies are groups that pretend to have an ideal and an anti-establishment cause, but really are as closed minded as any clique or trendy group. Some think everything should be as happy and peaceful as their privileged lives have afforded them, and others are as sketchy and messed up as anyone.

The prolems with this group are they think it's cool to neglect hygiene, gather there opinions from emotions and not facts, and only listen to very few bands/djs, the one's that are the most popular amongst hippies. This creates quality bands/djs to get overrun and sold out by people who don't have a clue about what makes the performers exceptional.

They basically ruin things do to ignorance and selfconsciousness.
She got to college and realized her look wasn't going to get her enough attention. After buying the "hippie handbook", she knew what to wear, how to think, and what one band to listen to. Now she gets to smoke bowls with the cool kids and never has to buy anything, and can be a slut without looking like one.
by Kevin Irah September 06, 2006