Definition #1:
Happy Intelligent People Promoting Infinate Enlightenment.

Definition #2
Homeless Ignorant People Promoting Infinate Entertainment.
The three "H" club
#1 High Holy Hippie
#2 Homeless Hippies from Hell
by Yonder August 24, 2004
An term referring to certain liberals. To qualify, not all libs are hippies. However, if they smoke pot, don't work, and wouldn't fight off a rapist due to their pacifism, and do it all in the name of "peace" they are probably a hippie
Hippies are delusional potheads.
by Hairmetal October 21, 2003
Someone who expects something for nothing.
Many hippies come from upper class families and mooch off their parents all the way through grad school. They then become teachers or full tenured professors. Thus they never have worked a day in their lives.
by bill the cat September 10, 2008
There arnt Hippies anymore. The hippies were in the 60's and most often had a cause modern hippies are most often just wannabes who puff
by Lenny from the Lot April 01, 2003
The uneducated yet patriotic citizens during the Vietnam War were ALOT more understanding of the rights the government was taking away from them. This was because of the ignorant hippies throwing eggs and such at our soldiers getting off planes. The government could just blame the hippies and everyone would believe it.
Stupid fucking hippies, no concept of human nature and the true reasons of war.
by Elitist January 04, 2004
Someone who smokes alot of pot is called a "stoner".There is nothing wrong with "stoners" at all.Stoners are cool man.

Hippies are fucked.

Hippies are evil,satanic bastards espousing "new age" beliefs and eastern religions and neo-paganism and feminazism and "spirtuality" through the use of LSD.They also heavily promoted COMMUNISM which was a horrible idea.Then they all grew up and now they're all rich bastards who never stop whining about Bush.They also chop down trees and move into once pristine areas and totally Californicate the shit out of it and leave the land stripped and bare after they've used up all of the natural resources.Because quote:"if they can't live in a peaceful,quiet little mountain town like South Park then no one can,muahahahaha." un-quote:
A hippie is someone who needs to have their fucking face bashed in.
by peace out,bitch September 18, 2005
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