The natural peace keepers of our world! There powers are superior to any other. If you notice any smoke thats usually how they make there entrance. Whence they arrive you will be coughing and tearing. Then you will get groggy and slow thrillin da peace. They tend to smoke marijuana to forget there pains and put themselves on an even night/day depending on how bad the world already is.

A favored word of theres mostly renowned in shows, "Dude!" They tend to be tired or addicted to one certain food. With there ideas they could make the world a better place, but in there positions such as begging/yelling to politics to make a difference there not helping at all if they arent making any money to support these raids. Most of all, gods gift!! Besides marijuana!
Hippies - Dudddeee I feel... done lets go. Umm talk to that guy over there... he looks like a calm... young gun. Dudddee!!! Lets go talk to him!
10 seconds later...
Hippies - Have you ever tried a big mac and marijuana?!
Man - ...
Hippies - Dude!!! You should really like eat soy beans!!!
Man - God stop bothering me you heathen of hippies!
Hippies - Were just trying to make friends... but most of all... peace. SonnnnNn!

by Chubbers December 09, 2007
A person who talks about saving the environment but instead only smokes pot and smells bad.
Those dirty fucking hippies are sleeping in my back yard again!
by MBC April 01, 2003
Hippies go to outdoor peace concerts and that bullshit.
They smoke joints and pot and smell like a wet dog!
They mainly still use those volkswagon campovans. They are skinny and live off what they find when they root around in bins. They wear sandals, shorts, glasses, headbands and those multicoloured spiraling shirts with long hair that hasn't been washed for 30 years!(At least not with water and soap!)
Me: Did you see that pack of hippies?
My mate 1: Yep, they was smokin a little brown stick!
My mate 2: You mean a joint you fuckin hippie!
My mate 1: Fuck off you world peace protester!
My mate 3: One of them hippies looks like Charlie Manson with his Nazi tattoo.
by Alex The Pikey Exterminator November 05, 2007
People who look at the world and act happy and loving of all things, and ignore the fact that half of the world wouldn't mind blowing their heads off. Another group (similar to Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Muslims, Nazis, Communits, and talk show hosts) who insessantly believe that their ways, thoughs, and understanding of the world sufficiently dominate the thoughts and ideas of others, and therefore express their beliefs in very clear ways. Example: protests, colors, and Jefferson Airplane.
President: War is the only answer!
Hippie: Peace is the only answer!
President: But war will solve all our problems.
Hippie: But war is our only problem.
President: But peace can't stop everyone's problems.
by euphopiab June 22, 2006
a person who refuses to shave and eat meat.
You smell like hair you hairy hippie!
by bread infection November 07, 2005
A pacifist who is often tormented by stupid stero-types as lazyness, being drug addled, and smelling.
Jesus was a Capricorn he ate organice food,
he believed in love and peace and never wore no shores, sandels, long hair, beard and a funky bunch of friends, reckon we would nail him up if he came down agian.

See Jesus Christ
by Steve January 25, 2004
Noun: A a free-love, bongo-listening, anti-war, drum circln', pot-smokin' environmentalist who is in dire need of a bombin' or shootin'.
Earl: Boy I tell you what, I loaded me 39 hippies full of quail-shot down by the gravel pit. Man you should have seen those bare hippie asses run!

Bill: Man! That reminds me I need to go bag my limit o' hippies!

Earline: Would you boyz like sum chewin' tobacco?

Earl: Bitch get your ass back in the trailer, can't you see we talkin' here!
by capital T August 29, 2006

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