A sorry excuse for a human being see dumbass, a hippie is the smelliest and most doped up type of human being that walks the earth. Although hippies somehow believe they live for a cause and their vision of peace will somehow be reached, they are just too high on acid and pot to realize that while they are conducting their stupid jam band festivals and drum circles peace is far, far, away and they smell way, way, too much.
Person 1: Hey man whats up with these hippies thinking that growing hair to excessive lengths, and making jam bands will create world peace.

Person 2: I don't know but they smell.
by Hippies must die January 08, 2006
someone who is environmentaly friendly and
spreads love and peace. there are still hippies now but are reffered to as neo-hippies or hippy, which are often skateboarders who have the same ideas about love and peace. hippies may not be seen much now but they do still exist!
try looking up 'glastonbury festival' which was started by hippies.
by jamie-lee August 06, 2005
all you need to do to be a hippie is to buy hippie like clothes,( headbands, band t's ect.) wear a peace sign necklace, and have the confidence to tell yourself you are one.
OMG! did you see her new sweatshirt shes such a hippie!
by bobby bo January 31, 2008
Hippie, derived from 1950s slang equivalent to "down" or "Cool"; seen variously as hep (as in Hepcat) and later 'hip'via the white beatnik culture of the late 1950s. People who followed the original alterantive lifestyle tied to the youth movements of the 1960s radicals were called "Yippies'; this later morphed, by association with the still active beatniks, into "hippie." After the 1970s hippies were seen by many as sellouts, because they embraced the very money-centered culture that they professed to abhor, becoming "Yuppies" (Young Urban Professionals); many modern 'hippies' are no more than mall rats who wear the designer versions of what the hippies of the 1960s made themselves; i.e., tie-dies, sandals, etc; so there is no true note of alternativism in the modern hippie "movement". Drug use is a prevalent theme in both eras, as is disrespect for authority and established institutions.
"Hey, Louie, y'know what's orange and looks good on a hippie?"

"No Danny, what?"

by RevDrDark May 03, 2006
A reference to one of the following:

1. Lazy Ass
2. Pothead
3. Failure who spends his time talking about nonsense and contributes nothing to society.
" You damn Hippie! "

" That man's a hippie "

" Get the hell out of my house you damn hippie! "
by Bill Abnovsky August 26, 2006
A person with the outrageous notion that people, animals and the natural environment should be treated with respect. This person, furthermore, ridiculously believes that war is not a good thing. A current figure of scorn for those of the generation raised under St. Ronnie.
lol u fag your a hippie
by hwbrgdtse December 30, 2005
A person who talks about saving the environment but instead only smokes pot and smells bad.
Those dirty fucking hippies are sleeping in my back yard again!
by MBC April 01, 2003
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