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Someone who uses personal freedom as an excuse to not get a job. Hippies listen to lousy music, wear worn out rags, have no fashion sense, worship Jerry Garcia, and smoke weed all day.
I went to that party the other night, you know the one down the block. There were too many hippies, it was lame.
by sting130 July 22, 2011
19 22
pot head bead making freak. likes to have sex and used to be a man.
wow look at that hippie linz brown!
by randy IMIN seven June 05, 2010
9 22
a hippie can be described as several things, they are non-conformist who belive that all type of violence is a deadly sin. they are not all pot-heads although many of them were, it just let them express themselves more clearly. i think hippies are truely misunderstood and should be their own race. they are unlike anybody else because of their understandings, their voices, what their actions truely mean. obviously hippies aren't doing what they do to "fit in" because they are unlike anything else. they believe in peaceful relationships between black and white, not just different races, but countries and everything. it should be spread equally throughout everything. never do they put themselves first. always up for helping everyone and anyone. the way they dress helps express feelings. they dont care about what people think but themselves, let alone that.
i am among hippies in this world
by savannah123 April 09, 2008
12 25
lazy stinky rat trash that cant gain the muster to stand up for any thing they belive in exept to talk about it all day long
look at that hippie with the mouth flapin on and on and on what a bunch of bull shit
by lollipop and cherry bomb July 13, 2008
28 42
The hippie subculture was originally started by Stef in the United States during the early 1960s and spread around the world.
Stef is definitely a hippie
by I dont care. January 16, 2008
3 17
someone who games religiously and wears douche yellow glasses.
Adam is a hippie!
by djfrblkzdjvrbk October 31, 2010
4 19
1. Anyone who is viewed as lazy or a failure; particularly if these people are vegetarians, vegans, and environmental acitivists.

2. One who unrealistically promotes peace, love and happiness. One who views the world in such idealistic terms as to have lost touch with reality in favor of championing ethereal concepts.
Lisa is such a hippie; she named her first born child "Sunshine" and chooses to live off the grid without electricity because she believes that a few people polluting less is going to have a tangible effect on the environment. She doesn't have a job and doesn't actively contribute to the world around her; but she does find plenty of time to criticize corporate America and the general public for raping our land of its resources.
by Southpark Hippie Definition October 13, 2008
41 56
An old man or woman from the 60's. Enjoys smoking pot and wearing odd multi-color t-shirts. Insists that world peace can be achieved, when it is such a far-fetched and unattainable dream. In other words, a fucking moron.
"Damn Harvey, look at that group of hippies over there. Their dropping their marijuana on the crops. Wanna run them over with the truck?"

"The group of hippies protesting in Washington D.C. had on so many tye-die t-shirts, the general populace was immediately blinded when looking at them."
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008
45 60