An overgrown child who may occasionally abuse drugs and alcohol to cope with their impossible ideals in the modern world. Often they are the spawn of wealth and they choose to distance themselves from the paths of their parents in a pathetic attempt to feel "unique." Sometimes going so far as to change their names to something like Asia, Sky, Kukka, Sunray or Zennia. While this person is not a total fuck up (which would be okay because there is likely a trust fund safety net in place), this person has a tendency live life extremely carelessly. The only exception to this sense of carelessness is if they are over-angered by environmental policy, animal rights or George Bush. Which probably is just a scapegoat for how much they hate their rich parents. The resulting lifestyle may include any number of characteristics such as: mind numbing and god awful dancing along with a serious passion for meaningless jam bands that feature endless meandering guitar solos. A loss of interest in maintaining personal hygiene. A terrible lower back tattoo almost always involving a flower, fairy, butterfly or tribal nonsense. Exceptionally long hair everywhere (especially in undesirable regions of the body). Hair is often matted, ratted, oily or in unequal clumps of dreds.
Our couch smells like piss, shit and incense. Did Jazzerus sleep over last night? I'm pretty sure I saw him jump in his Audi and drive off early this morning. Jesus Christ that fucking hippie is confused.
by Jock Donny January 29, 2009
The bane of Eric Cartman's existence.
"Take me away from this God damn filthy planet full of hippies."
by elpatro March 02, 2009
See also Jesus, Jesus Christ.
Jesus was the ultimate hippie.
by Hippy Jeezus March 12, 2005
Often used as an insult for someone who is a liberal or has left leaning political views. It is implied that a hippie is a dirty, lazy pothead who has nothing better to do then protest.

An actual hippie can be recognized by their long hair, brightly colored clothing in unusual styles, such as bell-bottoms, tie-dye t-shirts, and dashikis. (Many Hippies made their own clothes.) They tend to wear long beaded necklaces, head bands and scarves, and sandals. The most recognizable symbol of the hippie is the Peace Sign which is usually on their clothes, jewelry or painted on automobiles.

They tend to promote, believe in or have a fondness of free love, communal living, recreational drug use, nudity, incense, music (particularly psychedelic rock, blues, and folk music), vegetarianism, holistic and natural foods, protecting the environment, and New Age type spirituality. Most of all hippies promote the ideals of Love and Peace. They do not like to conform to society.
How can you be a hippie and love guns?
by OneBadAsp October 15, 2006
Someone who wants to help the world, but ends up just smoking weed and tripping on acid. Includes college know-it-all hippie, giggling stoners, drum-circlers, and well dwellers. Cannot stand Slayer. John Lennon is often referred to as the King Of Hippies. The only cool hippie was Jimi Hendrix.
Hippie: Dude, peace and love bro.
Me: Screw you hippie!
by Screw Hippies, Love Metal October 10, 2010
There are two types of hippies, the Spirit Hippie and the Ego Hippie. The Spirit hippie has integrity and lives up to his own word of spreading peace/love and self acceptance. Dirty clothes and dreads are optional and do not define hippies. The other types are ego hippies. Ego hippies are people who really do not hold hipster ideals dear to there heart, but instead enjoy seeming different just for the sake of making everyone else seem less than for not believing like they do. Ego hippies are where the stereotypes come from.
I used to think I was a hippie until I realized I was just trying to seem different and get people to think more highly of me and my weed smoking/tree hugging clothing (I used to = ego hippie)
by Elbarto150 October 10, 2008
a new age term used for the post-beatnik culture that rose to popularity in the mid-sixeties to combat reactionary cultures with peacful protesting and a "back to the earth" lifestyle.
Those hippies dirtied my bathroom
Those hippies gave me some good free food
by Brian February 28, 2004
The greatest type of people to grace this Earth and truly the greatest generation
Hippies are our best kind of people
by Batman March 06, 2005

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