An overgrown child who may occasionally abuse drugs and alcohol to cope with their impossible ideals in the modern world. Often they are the spawn of wealth and they choose to distance themselves from the paths of their parents in a pathetic attempt to feel "unique." Sometimes going so far as to change their names to something like Asia, Sky, Kukka, Sunray or Zennia. While this person is not a total fuck up (which would be okay because there is likely a trust fund safety net in place), this person has a tendency live life extremely carelessly. The only exception to this sense of carelessness is if they are over-angered by environmental policy, animal rights or George Bush. Which probably is just a scapegoat for how much they hate their rich parents. The resulting lifestyle may include any number of characteristics such as: mind numbing and god awful dancing along with a serious passion for meaningless jam bands that feature endless meandering guitar solos. A loss of interest in maintaining personal hygiene. A terrible lower back tattoo almost always involving a flower, fairy, butterfly or tribal nonsense. Exceptionally long hair everywhere (especially in undesirable regions of the body). Hair is often matted, ratted, oily or in unequal clumps of dreds.
Our couch smells like piss, shit and incense. Did Jazzerus sleep over last night? I'm pretty sure I saw him jump in his Audi and drive off early this morning. Jesus Christ that fucking hippie is confused.
by Jock Donny January 29, 2009
A person who likes to eat vegetables and smoke pot. The usually listen to Cumbaya...
me: Fuck! You are a Fucking Hippie!!!
He: Yeah!and i like to fuck old women!!! and this pot is good!!! =)
by maniac_88 November 11, 2005
1) Someone who doesn't take life seriously, preferring to go on about peace and love, take lots of drugs and doing lots of 'free love'. Your stereotypical hippie has long hair, smells bad, speaks in a slurred way and is never even slightly mentally focused.

2) The name townies like to give to anyone around their age who doesn't act like them, especially in musical taste. These include punks, goths, grungers, etc. and anyone even remotely well-dressed or intelligent.

3) Anyone who doesn't agree with a Republican, or attempts to enjoy life.
by IkeM October 26, 2003
Definition #1:
Happy Intelligent People Promoting Infinate Enlightenment.

Definition #2
Homeless Ignorant People Promoting Infinate Entertainment.
The three "H" club
#1 High Holy Hippie
#2 Homeless Hippies from Hell
by Yonder August 24, 2004
An term referring to certain liberals. To qualify, not all libs are hippies. However, if they smoke pot, don't work, and wouldn't fight off a rapist due to their pacifism, and do it all in the name of "peace" they are probably a hippie
Hippies are delusional potheads.
by Hairmetal October 21, 2003
A guy from the 60s
Check out my dad the hippie!
by Jewish April 01, 2003
There arnt Hippies anymore. The hippies were in the 60's and most often had a cause modern hippies are most often just wannabes who puff
by Lenny from the Lot April 01, 2003
The uneducated yet patriotic citizens during the Vietnam War were ALOT more understanding of the rights the government was taking away from them. This was because of the ignorant hippies throwing eggs and such at our soldiers getting off planes. The government could just blame the hippies and everyone would believe it.
Stupid fucking hippies, no concept of human nature and the true reasons of war.
by Elitist January 04, 2004

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