The natural peace keepers of our world! There powers are superior to any other. If you notice any smoke thats usually how they make there entrance. Whence they arrive you will be coughing and tearing. Then you will get groggy and slow thrillin da peace. They tend to smoke marijuana to forget there pains and put themselves on an even night/day depending on how bad the world already is.

A favored word of theres mostly renowned in shows, "Dude!" They tend to be tired or addicted to one certain food. With there ideas they could make the world a better place, but in there positions such as begging/yelling to politics to make a difference there not helping at all if they arent making any money to support these raids. Most of all, gods gift!! Besides marijuana!
Hippies - Dudddeee I feel... done lets go. Umm talk to that guy over there... he looks like a calm... young gun. Dudddee!!! Lets go talk to him!
10 seconds later...
Hippies - Have you ever tried a big mac and marijuana?!
Man - ...
Hippies - Dude!!! You should really like eat soy beans!!!
Man - God stop bothering me you heathen of hippies!
Hippies - Were just trying to make friends... but most of all... peace. SonnnnNn!

#hippie #peace #dude #keeper #marijuana
by Chubbers December 09, 2007
Someone who has a loose grasp on reality. Someone who has flooded their mind with drugs and acutally believes peace on earth will happen, while foreign countries that we aid reguarly build weapons against us. Hippies live off of the earth and believe they are one with nature. Hippies can be easily entertained by a few joints and an acoustic guitar. Hippies believe in redistribution of wealth from hard working executives to the millions of lazy sorry people. They believe in welfare, not work-fare, and giving to thoese that have not earned a damn thing. Originating in the late sixties in urban areas, and slowly spreading to many rural areas by the seventies, these idiots believe in a world that does not exist, and that our army should not fight for people we don't know, ie Iraqies. They push for big business to have their rights taken away, but that individuals should be free to do whatever they please. This is crap or else we would not need a police force in every town and city.
Hippies are idiotic people such as john kerry.

hippies are lazy and have a stupid view on life.
#pothead #douch #dirty #lazy #sorry
by Keefus December 23, 2005
a happy, peace-loving stoner
the hippie smiled and gave everyone a hug, the went back to smoking.
#stoner #druggie #pothead #peace-man #happy adict
by Roxanne and Alfred March 06, 2006
One who protests in dire hope that those will listen, but to no avail. This often makes them look crazy. Despite the fact that hippies tend to promote peace and conservation, they just sit around without a good job, drive a crappy car that puts out a lot of fumes, and smoke a lot of pot.

This means: Hippies suck.
That guy sucks. What a hippie.
#sucks #crappy #crazy #fumes #hope
by cynicalseyton July 22, 2006
Someone who believes in peace, love, and flower power and doesn't believe in violence, soap, and water.
Hippies won't hurt you unless you get a whiff of their funk.
by population361 September 11, 2005
A term used by over-committed activists to refer to people hanging around the movement and getting in the way, taking an ideological position to an extreme without ever actually doing anything about it, ranting about 'process' or demanding a whoosh at the end of a meeting. Disorganised. Wooly thinking. Incoherent. Lacking in personal hygiene or style.
Stupid bloody hippie...
by fluffsta February 08, 2005
A person who likes to eat vegetables and smoke pot. The usually listen to Cumbaya...
me: Fuck! You are a Fucking Hippie!!!
He: Yeah!and i like to fuck old women!!! and this pot is good!!! =)
#yonkie #grasseater #cow #drogaddict #high
by maniac_88 November 11, 2005
1) Someone who doesn't take life seriously, preferring to go on about peace and love, take lots of drugs and doing lots of 'free love'. Your stereotypical hippie has long hair, smells bad, speaks in a slurred way and is never even slightly mentally focused.

2) The name townies like to give to anyone around their age who doesn't act like them, especially in musical taste. These include punks, goths, grungers, etc. and anyone even remotely well-dressed or intelligent.

3) Anyone who doesn't agree with a Republican, or attempts to enjoy life.
by IkeM October 26, 2003
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