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when someone of the female persuasion catches you off-guard with a surprisingly strong set of mammary glands.

Most commonly displayed on hippie/bohemian-type women (long dresses, long or unkept hair, abundance of scarves, etc) who are not normally associated with large or well-rounded breasts. When you see a woman of this description with a great set of cans, it can catch you off guard - (1) because they are great in size, circumference, and viewing (cleavage) angles, and (2) because hippie-lady types often don't wear bras, showing these goods in just about their natural (naked) state.
"Your friend looked much better in person than in her pictures, like a classic case of hippie tits, since I got the impression she was too much the athletic or demure type to have great ones".
by Capt Kewl October 04, 2012
A rainbow wearing/loving female who insists on wearing shirts that cover only the nipple.
Don't come in here Hippie tits will get you!
by ghey baby January 04, 2010