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Some people, modern day, who are true to the counterculture expression "Turn on, tune in, drop out", except Hippie 2.0s interpret it differently, (think different). They "turn on" to soft drugs, they "turn on" their computers, they "tune in" to the internet and its news, blogs, sites, and opinions, they drop out of school in pursuit of internet entrepreneurship (modern self-sufficiency). They live, renouncing material possession for minimalism. They embrace thrift and frugality, they purchase quality over quantity. Because Hippie 2.0s have few possessions, as they are burdens, they are mobile like their Hippie forefathers traveling the world (this time my plane). Globalization has made "needs" "relatively cheap", while "wants" are expensive, therefore a Hippie 2.0 needs little income, because his only expenses are "relatively cheap". Don't be fooled, a Hippie 2.0 is a true Hippie, just a modern day, pragmatic idealistic, incarnation.
If you've seen him, listen to his wisdom. Remember that guy from Highschool, he's a now Hippie 2.0.
by D. Clark December 31, 2011
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