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Originating from the romanian word hipiot (hippy). Used to define the beliefs of a modern day "green organic hippy" - consumes only vegan , fresh, untreated, unaltered, unGMO food, believes in and supports conspiracy theories about GMO's and indoctrination of the populus using GMO's by the Illuminati (opinions and ideas centered around second hand, uninformed, knowledge )
Raul:Nu manca spanac modificat genetic, nu sti ca e stropit cu hormoni care te fac mai credul?!
Anton:Ce-s cu hipismele astea?

Raul: Don't eat genetically modified spinach, don't you know its sprayed with hormones that make you more gullible?!
Anton: What's with this hipisme?
by The_Voice_of_reason January 08, 2014
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