Hip Hop from a lyrical standpoint is Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Da Roots, Blackstarr, Common, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Nas and other MC's that convey true life struggles and experiences as poetry to hot beats and instrumentals
by d.W. October 04, 2003
when abe lincoln finished his famous speech, he then shouted "now let's get down", grabbed his secretary and started grinding
four score and seven years ago...... fuck this, let's get down!
by buba and shoogar daddeh foo' August 23, 2009
Hip Hop is an ever changing culture that reflects the experience of society through encompassing disc jockeying, emceeing, break dancing, and graffiti as an art form.
No example needed.
by lwoods August 19, 2003
a beautiful thing for people of all races
hip-hop is a deep and incredible culture/movement. rap is commercial corporate garbage only built on making money.
by julius lucas October 10, 2009
a whole new culture that was invented by the youth that had migrating from other areas. black, asian, and latin american teens had made their own culture consisting of the four elements. graffiti art, breaking, MCing and DJing.

the expression "hip hop" was like a way to describe their "hip hop" from their old culture trying to fit into a new one..

i hope this helps.
latian americans, black americans, asian americans planted the hip hop seed
by yoooooooooooooou March 16, 2008
A music style that formed in the 80's out of reggae influence. It was forming a little bit after the rap style was formed. It borrowed the spoken type of lyrics and it had trumpet and very upbeat and stimulating rhythms.

Hip-hop is different from rap because rap is very poetic but it has a beat to keep a steady flow, (a beat as in drums or anything that makes a short sound) It (was) started/influnced with/by the James Brown song "The Big Comeback"

Hip-hop got mixed up with rap when Run-D.M.C. came in, they created songs that were a mix of both styles, such as "King of Rock", it had poetic lyrics, drums and guitar which had savory rhythm. Run-D.M.C. were very good with poetry and they used Hip-hop melodies and rap beats mixed in their songs.

Modern Hip-hop is called rap but it isn't very poetic, it is almost like 80's Hip-hop but the reggae influence has been replaced with synth, the modern "rappers" are actually Hip-hop artists but the average person calls them rappers because it is shorter than "Hip-hop artist". Out of the laziness of people to say 2 words instead of one; Hip-hop and rap have been mixed up.

Rap is dead these days and the last rappers were Run-D.M.C. and maybe Tupac.

I do not like modern Hip-hop cause the artists try to make catchy, rhyming lyrics but because they don't have poetic minds they have to slur and mispronounce words to make them rhyme. Example: the song "Throw some D's" you hear the word "caddilick" a lot. I listen to the song just to laugh at it, I am even laughing as I write this.

Hip-hop was a great upbeat style but it is now all about image, the best of modern Hip-hop is ok to me but I really liked the early Hip-hop.
A lot of modern Hip-hop sucks!
by joe725 April 21, 2007
The performances of
3.Graffiti Art
6.Street Fashion
7.Street Language
8.Street Knowledge
9.Street Entrepreneurialism

It is what we call ourselves and our activity in the world. "Hip Hop" is the name of our culture.

Therefore, no matter who you are... if you are involved in one of these elements, YES... YOU ARE HIP HOP! No matter what you do on the side... hustle, cheat, scam, pimp, lie, etc.. those people are Hip Hop too.
Yes son... I am Hip Hop!
by Meta 4 March 09, 2007

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