a music style wich became hugely overated , stupid raps and repetive beats, the 'rappers' for this kind of music are usualy surrounded by (almost)naked women who get paid 50 bucks to show off their tits, the lyrics of the songs include: ho,nigga,bitch,fuck,pimp,bling bling and so on.

thanks to mtv and hiphop we now have 10 year old loud mouthed wannabe niggers who think they are the shit, but in fact are sad retarded fuckwads
1: dude i got a new hiphop album, wanna hear it?
2: screw you wigger! go listen to some real music!
by [_m4] July 09, 2006
the worst kind of music EVER!
stupid guy: hey homie you wanna chil wit me at da emenim concert?
cool punk rocker: no, you stupid pouser hip-hop sux!
by subhumans fan May 09, 2006
Synonymous with shit.
"50 Cent is the current king of hip-hop."

"Most people in America listen to hip-hop."
by JohnFitzgibbonsIII May 31, 2006
A word used to describe the audio version of dog shit. Hip hop is to civilized ears what fresh dogshit is to bare feet. Insofar as contribution to our culture goes, that any homie with an IQ of slightly more than 45 (i.e. your advanced homie) can belt this shit out on the first try without any practice, training, or study whatsoever is a big hint. Another is the skill with which they affix their hats to their little BB-like heads.
When that ex-cop Caprice pulled up beside me in traffic with his hip hop dogshit turned up so high his trunk lid was buzzing, I decided not to go to a black lawyer or a black doctor just to be on the safe side, and I think I'll make it tougher for 'em to get into my university, not to mention neighborhood.
by hoze-a July 04, 2006
Hip hop is the anti-movement. Take Lional Richie for example, his music was intended to close the gap between identifiable black and white music. There was a movement for equality for all men, (known as the civil rights movement) and with todays hip hop music, that gap is quickly being torn open. For estetic purposes Hip Hop music is realistic. Although my respect for it ends there.
Hip hop is the anti-movement.
by Olivia January 05, 2006
Cheap, music manufactured so that music corporations to meet the lower or middle class demographic or alot of spoiled rich, white teenagers. The only rap "song" worth a damn is (shake ya ass) watch yourself by Mystikal.
Why dont people know that rap is the next disco?
by Melanthex June 10, 2005
The worst music ever made. All they care about is disgracing women and smokin dope.
Ludacris is a real hip-hop icon, he hates women
by A REAL PUNK August 07, 2005

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