Hip Hop refers to the African American music genre and the culture which surrounded it. Its time of birth was gradual, making it difficult to name a specific year. Most sources agree on early to mid 1970's.
The music its self evolved from earlier and other 1970's black American muisic, such as Disco, Funk and Jazz.
This music paired with certain Jamaican cultures led to the use of MC's talking over the music at live shows, which would later progress into what is now known as rapping.
Other important elements to the culture include grafiti, dance (b-boys) and especially Dj'ing. Early Hip Hop music was made by a DJ using his turntables, mixer and records. The arts of cutting and mixing were used to sample parts of records to create a whole new track.
In todays sense, Hip Hop has developed huge mainstreem success, and Gangsta Rap has become less about the music and more about comercialism, making money and 'pimpin bitches.'
There is, however a large underground Hip Hop following, which vows to stay true to Hip Hop. Madlib being a prime example of a true Hip Hop artist.
"Hip Hop, don't stop"
by Josh G August 23, 2006
Hip-Hop is a genre of music that used to be good, and now sucks the sweat off a dead man's ballsack, and whose song lyrics are entirely comprised of the words: Booty, Butt, Ho, Slut, Biiatch, Trick, Pimp, Player-hater, muthafucka, and the N word. Often times, rappers, once dirt poor, are now filthy rich, so they decide to sing about how much bling they have and how many women they have had sex with. All rappers--regardless of ethnicity or social backgroung all talk, walk, sing, and grab their nuts exactly alike.
An example of a hip-hop song:

Now dis is a message fo' all mah hos-
You better got booty and you better got blo-
That's just somethin dat choo muthafuckas gotta know-
Oh and another thing, cuz I'm black go figger
Just so you know this ain't Eminem I'm gonna say the word "nigger!"
by T-Bone Walker September 23, 2006
Something poor black youth made up to try make there criminal lifestyle seem cool.
Nigga 1 "Sup dawg, lets go sling some rocks"
Nigga 2 "Then rob up the liquor store"
Nigga 3 "Then make up a hip hop about to make it seem cool"
by hip hop doesnt exist January 25, 2014
Hip hop is a way of life. It encompasses feel good beats, breskdancing, lyrical rhymes and flow all filtered through the urban experience,
by Haha July 09, 2003
A lifestyle that includes the original four elements: DJing, MCing, B-Boying (i.e. breakdancing), and graffiti art. Fasion is also often considered an important aspect of the life"
"When you talk about rap, you talk about an DJ and an MC. When you talk about hip-hop, you talk about the way you live"
by presto March 18, 2003
Is in trouble.

Save Hip-hop. Not Hip-Pop.
Hip-hop is NOT dead. It is Hip-Pop (i.e. P-fucking-Diddy) that is ruining hip-hop. Maybe NaS was exposed to the mainstream rap industry too long and felt that he needed to make an album titled "Hip-Hop is Dead". The best is underground and concious(i.e. Boot Camp Clik, 9th Wonder, RZA, Hieroglyphics, The Roots). Not D4L, Mike Jones, Lil' Wayne (some one kill him) or any of these embarrassments!
by twistedbabydoll August 18, 2007
A music rich in base with a lyracist rapping over the beat. Started in ghetto's where kids could just afford a record player to loop a beat and rap over. Started rap(rythmic american poetry) which is now disrespected because of its pop and MTV play.
Hip- Hop has an accidental spawn known as hi- pop which is when faggy rappers like ja- rule sell out totally. Jay- Z has done this, but used to be good.
Hip- Hop is the only remaining black/african rooted music. Lets not let white people steal this one like they did Jazz.
" rap aint about bustin'caps and fukin bitches//its about fluency// with rhymin' inginuity" Del the funkyhomosapien
by homeOFtheBEST[415] January 27, 2005

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